Buccaneer Battlers Press Kit

Welcome to the press page for Buccaneer Battlers. This is the first and only game by Fairy Penguin Games. Please note this is a student project.

Key Info

  • Developers: Fairy Penguin Games; based in Perth, Western Australia
  • Platforms: Available on Android devices on the 14th of December 2019
  • Languages: English
  • Rating: Unclassified
  • Game Size: ~50MB (Final size TBD)
  • Contact support team: FairyPenguinGames@gmail.com
  • Social links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Price: It’s Free!
  • Website: https://buccaneerbattlers.wordpress.com/


Buccaneer Battlers is a pirate themed turn-based tactics game. Players command a small fleet of ships, battling and plundering their way across an archipelago full of lost treasures. Go ship-to-ship with the enemy and show them who is the king of the high seas. Try to outsmart them using a variety of ships, while managing the health of your fleet.


  • Nostalgic detailed pixel art pirate ships.
  • Turn-based tactical battles on the high seas.
  • Earn skill points by winning battles and use them to upgrade your ships.
  • Explore and conquer the world, region by region.
  • Original music in a feel-good 8-bit style.



Asset Links

Copyright Fairy Penguin Games – All rights reserved.
Buccaneer Battlers is a student project and is not currently for sale.

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